Where to find news about SimRacing?

Whether on the result of the race we did or on other championships, or even to get to know new products, we all had difficulties in finding a place that gathers all this information.

The alternative is always to follow dozens of Twitter, Facebook and Instagram accounts, in addition to Discord, in a task that takes a long time!

To help in this information collection, we leave below three suggestions of sites that gather a lot of information on a regular basis about Sim Racing. Whenever we have contact with other sites we will share them here.



Launched on February 18, 2020, this english site belongs to the Grand Prix 247 (a site created in 2010 and dedicated exclusively to F1 news).

SIMRACE247 is a very complete and dynamic website, although it lacks content filters, which would allow you to easily search for information; still, it is very active on social networks that act as a good alert for the news posted on the site.



2016 was the year that this site appeared with very diverse and complete content about SimRacing for PCs and Consoles.

Its content is distributed among news about Competitions, Tutorials, Software and Hardware analysis, as well as Testing a lot of equipment. The website is in English.



This spanish website was created in 2017 by a group of experienced Sim Racers, and is now a reference with regard to the dissemination of information in Castilian.

Here it’s possible to follow the latest news on both Hardware and Software, as well as get some driving advice and still have news about the main races.

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