How it all began!

Many companies are created to respond to the needs that their Founders discovered in the market, and that were not fulfilled, or having already been detected by third parties, they never came up with a solution.

That’s how the SRW Calendar came about.

We intend to provide a place where the Drivers can have a global and centralized view of the main Sim Racing races that take place in the different simulators, saving them time in researching the different Races and Championships, thus helping the Promoters, on the one hand, to have more drivers in their races, and on the other hand, to give more return to their Sponsors.
In addition to this objective, we offer a set of Digital Marketing Services that can help Promoters to give more visibility to their Events, as the SRW Calendar will quickly present hundreds of Races and Championships, held in different time zones, and it is necessary that they have visibility because that is the only way to get Sponsors.

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