Since the owner of the SRW Calendar is a Digital Marketing Agency, there is a set of Services that can be made available, both to Event Promoters and to potential Sponsors.

Sponsoring dossier

The obtaining of sponsorships is based in the first place, in the creation of a Proposal that must have the essential characteristics to, in addition to presenting the Project, explain the benefits that the Brand will obtain with this support, and how the results will be monitored.

Develop the image of the Championship

We developed the image of the Championship, which will be reproduced in several pieces such as the poster for each Race, the Cover for Facebook, among other pieces, but all in an integrated way.

Creation of the Championship website

We can help to create the website for the Championship, including the production of the respective contents, which may include the possibility of pilots to register there.

Social Media Management

For the promotion of the Championship or even just one Race, it’s necessary to choose the right content for the different Social Networks, and that implies understanding what to do and how to do it.

Email Marketing

We can create email marketing Campaigns to support the promotion of the Championship or a specific Race, a very important tool in any digital marketing action.

Digital Advertising

Currently, the promotion of a Brand cannot be based only on the placement of Content on Social Media Networks, but digital advertising should also be made as a complement, and in the case of Sim Racing events, this is even more important.
The experience that Digital Spirit has in this area is an asset.


In digital marketing it’s possible to monitor everything that is done, both on the Website and on Social Media networks, which is a very important aspect when it is necessary to present and justify the results obtained from the Sponsors.

Marketing Consulting

Given the experience of Digital Spirit we are able to provide support in the scope of Marketing for the entire Championship, being able to provide qualified and experienced elements to support your Team in the management of Events at this level.

If you are interested, ask us for a proposal !