The SRW Calendar is a website that lets you know the most important Sim Racing races that take place all over the world, in the main simulators.

This is a platform that aims to simplify and innovate the process of promoting Sim Racing Championships.


Make the SRW Calendar website a unique and reference space, to promote the Sim Racing Championships, thus contributing to the success of the Races and their Promoters, in addition to the satisfaction of the Sim Racers.

The Company

SRW Calendar is owned by Digital Spirit, a full service digital marketing agency with more than 15 years of experience, managing Clients both in Europe and in Brazil.
It was this team that developed everything for the SRW Calendar, from the Brand to the production of the website, including the management of its Social Networks, Digital Advertising, Email Marketing and Intelligence Services (that is, the entire web analytics component).

For Sim Racers

In the SRW Calendar we want you to be aware of the Championships where everyone wants to participate, thus facilitating access to all the information of these races.
With the main Championships and the main Promoters of Sim Racing gathered in one place, we provide quickly and effectively the necessary information about the races.
In order not to be left out, you only have to subscribe to our Newsletter, and in the future benefit from exclusive offers for subscribers.

If you need any further clarification, contact us.

For Promoters

A sport with better publicity is a more attractive asset for potential sponsors.

Through our methodologies know the results obtained with the placement of your Championships on the SRW Calendar, in order to position yourself in the Sim Racing competition market and attract more sponsors.
We provide detailed information about the main interactions that existed in the information you put in the SRW Calendar.

We are committed to working in partnership with you, with a view to providing a reliable and innovative service in promoting your Championship, thus helping it to achieve the expected results, and to offer its sponsors the best possible return for the investment he made.

We are used to providing personalized services and treating each customer as the only one, adjusting their needs so that together we can achieve the best possible result.

Ask us for a proposal to help you promote your Event or Championship.

For Sim Racing Brands

The SRW Calendar has Services that can help you to complement your digital marketing strategy, enhancing the visibility of your Brand with an important Community.

If you need more specific information we are at your disposal here.