1st edition of the Sammy Awards by VCO

2020 was a year that gave Sim Racing a great worldwide boost, and therefore, nothing better than ending the year with the delivery of the Sim Racing “Oscars”, an event created by VCO, and entitled “Sammy Awards”, with presentation by Ben Constanduros and broadcast live on YouTube.

The vote in the favorites (which collected more than 4,200 votes) was carried out by the many Sim Racers around the world, with 11 categories, in which the vote of the 8 judges selected for this 1st edition, accounted for 50% of the final result; the jurors were as follows:

  • Ben Rossiter-Turner, Head of Esports, Motorsport Games
  • Gonzalo Camara & Alberto Segovia, BoxThisLap
  • Jimmy Broadbent, YouTuber
  • Kristin Banse, Managing Editor, Overtake.gg
  • Marco Ujhasi, Manager Esports, Porsche Motorsport
  • Matt Gallagher, WTF1
  • Nathan Quinn, THE RACE
  • Rudolf Dittrich, General Manager Vehicle Development, BMW Motorsport

The prize for each winner was 1,000 Euros, which he would give to a charity.

The existing Categories and the respective Winners were as follows:

 BEST ESPORTS RACER, Jarno Opmeer; BEST REAL-WORLD PRO, Max Verstappen; BEST TEAM, Team Redline; BEST PLATFORM, iRacing; BEST CAR, Porsche 911 GT3 Cup (iRacing); BEST EVENT, 24h Le Mans Virtual (rFactor2); BEST SOCIAL MEDIA, Jimmy Broadbent; BEST NEWCOMER, R8G Esports; BEST HARDWARE, Fanatec; BEST COMMENTARY, Lewis McGlade; HALL OF FAMER, Jimmy Broadbent.

Here is the video of the Program, while we do not have the 2021 Edition!

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